My – Settings

My Settings allows you to change default settings and change display of your site content.

Features include:

1. you can change default email settings of wordpress like sender name and from email.

2. you can add custom login url and change redirect url after login.

3. you can hide plugin and theme editor from sub menu so that no one can change and see your theme and plugin files from admin.

4. you can also highlight all the tags and post specific tags in the post and page descriptions which is affected by the_excerpt() and the_content() related functions.

5. you can apply your custom html which apply before and after tags to highlight the tag.

6. you can add the footer text which is shown through wp_footer() function.

7. you can hide the admin tool bar for all users at front side.

Note: This is the first version of this plugin so, there is very good features in future versions.

== Settings ==

Go to Admin -> click on My Settings tab.


2 comments on “My – Settings

    • Dear one.. Please see the screenshot in plugin.. there is already post links in sidebar of admin.

      if you still have problem then send me your site admin or screenshot we can solve it..


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